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The WEISSBERG International Arbitration Group was established drawing upon the vast experience of members of the firm in this area and for the purpose of focusing attention on further development and expertise. 

The WEISSBERG International Arbitration Group is dedicated to the resolution of complex transnational disputes involving private and public parties, including States and multinational corporations owned or controlled by States, and which require a specific knowledge of domestic and international law, including the rules of procedure provided by different applicable bilateral and multilateral treaties. The Group is headed by Dr. Abdul Hamid EL-AHDAB, a seasoned jurist who has practiced international arbitration for over thirty years, both as an attorney to one party and as an arbitrator.

Dr. AHDAB, who earned a Doctorate Degree from the University of Paris V, has specialized over the years in cases involving Civil Law and Arab Law. He has defended many multinational corporations in ICC, Ad-Hoc and UNCITRAL arbitrations and has participated as a co-arbitrator and sole arbitrator as well as President of arbitration Tribunals in cases opposing States to private parties.

Dr. AHDAB met Mr. Kenneth Weissberg, the founding partner of WEISSBERG, in 1991, in the context of the enforcement in Europe and in the United States, of an arbitration award he had obtained in favour of his client the French construction company Dumez against the State of Iraq. He has worked in close cooperation with WEISSBERG ever since and became Of-Counsel to the firm in 1998.

Mr. Kenneth Weissberg is an international litigator who through out his 32 years career has obtained hundreds of judgments in France and abroad for his international clientele. Mr. Weissberg, who holds a L.L.M in International Law from New York University, has been Counsel in a number of ICC arbitrations appearing on behalf of foreign state owned companies against French and American companies. He has also advised foreign governments in their dealings with the World Bank and French companies in their relations with the United Nations.

Mr. Juan Rodriguez is a prominent Florida attorney based in Miami that has many important Court decisions and arbitration awards to his credit. He has successfully handled a large number of international disputes including international complex fraud matters and international arbitrations. In the mid 1990’s, Mr. Rodriguez obtained domestication in Florida of a multi-million dollar judgment obtained by WEISSBERG for one of its clients. Since then,WEISSBERG opened an office in Miami in 1998 and has collaborated with Mr. Rodriguez on numerous important matters involving French and American law. In 2000, Mr. Juan Rodriguez became Of-Counsel to WEISSBERG and has been a member of the international arbitration group since then.

The accumulated experience of the three above mentioned lawyers in the field of arbitration has justified structuring the firm with lawyers and consultants dedicated to the law and practice of international arbitration.

One of the most recent consultants to join this group has been the eminent Professor of International Law, Thomas Clay, who is the Dean of the University of Versailles and whose name is one of the leading authorities in the field of arbitration in France.

The international arbitration group of WEISSBERG, due to the accumulated experience and legal knowledge of its members, is able to perform extremely well in an environment of cultural diversity, conflicting economic and politic philosophies and to embrace Civil law as well as Common Law in French, English, Spanish and German.

Through its four offices in Paris, Miami, Beyrouth , the International Arbitration Group of WEISSBERG can generate powerful responses to the most complex procedural situations in every major arbitration procedural system.