Sharing the ideals of those who presided over the implementation of the World Trade Organization (WTO), we are dedicated to the development of trade and exchanges between the European Union, NAFTA, MERCOSUR and ASEAN.

We closely follow current negotiations which aim at creating a larger transatlantic market between the European Union, Canada and the United-States.

Our presence in Europe, North America and in the Middle-East, as well as our team of attorneys, each endowed with a double legal culture, allows for our great efficiency in transnational and international litigation and contractual affairs. 


The firm is willing to provide details of costs and fees to be expected and, in each case, to outline policy and set guidelines.

Above and beyond the rules of ethics that govern the profession, we believe strongly in the following principles:
- Efficiency and success in the handling of affairs requires close cooperation between attorney and client. This implies, on both parts, ready accessibility and a perfect flow of information. We have decided therefore to carefully select the cases we accept and devote ourselves completely to those brought on-board. Each attorney assigned a case handles the matter with the assistance of the entire firm, while always remaining personally in charge.
- Business should be conducted with energy, at a rhythm that permits our clients to foresee with assurance the outcome of their case and to prepare themselves accordingly. We believe that our services are a business asset for our clients and that "time is of the essence."
- We offer our services at reasonable fees, on the basis of a retainer agreements that takes into account:

- an hourly fee
- the experience and qualifications of the lawyers assigned to a case
- the complexity of the issues
- the sums at stake and the results obtained.